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Our objective at Human Group is to identify and measure the key competencies of the organization´s human capital.

How do we do it? Through research, design, and validation of assessment tools that help predicting the performance of people, in order to increase company´s profitability.

Khor® is a human capital assessment and management integrated automated ecosystem for organizations and institutions that allows them to achieve growth, profitability, and permanence through objectives, practices and methodologies, installed and empowered by cutting edge technology. With our system, companies gain:


  • Strategic decision making based on reliable and timely information.

  • Identification of organizational talent.

  • Optimization of Human Resources processes.

  • A modular tool, based on Web technology, that integrates various assessment methodologies.


Khor® system has presence in 15 countries and has been translated into 5 languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, and Mandarin.


Insurgentes Sur 933, Piso 4 Col. Nápoles CP. 03810

+52 (55) 5523.7063

55 6800.2226


Calle 15, No. 122, por 24 y 26. Col. México CP. 97125

999 666 0350

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